Premium 3-Room 2-Toilets Overlay Package (for toilets up to 8ft)


Singaporeans are always looking towards the future. When people buy a new home, very often it has not been built yet. So, the buyer signs the sales and purchase agreement and then waits a few years for the property to be constructed.

Despite the long wait, this is a popular option as uncompleted properties are usually significantly cheaper than what they’ll be worth when they’re built.

To sweeten the deal, when making a purchase in a building that hasn’t been fully built yet, you have the option of paying for your new home progressively in stages, rather than all at once. This is called the progressive payment scheme.

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Professional Services
Project Management
On-Site Supervision
Materials selection and consultation

Hacking Works
To hack & dispose all fittings at 2 toilets including door

Masonry Works
To supply & lay tiles 300×300 at 2 toilets flooring including tiles up to $3.80 per sqft
To supply & lay tiles 300×600 at 2 toilets wall including tiles up to $3.80 per sqft
To construct shower kerb at 2 toilets

Door Works
To supply & install 1 side fix panel shower screen for 2 toilets
To supply & install aluminum swing door with aluminum frame and centre acrylic panel for 2 toilets

Electrical Works
To install ceiling light at 2 toilets
To supply & install switch for 2 toilet lights and 2 switches for instant heater

Misc Works
To supply & install piping at 2 toilets cold only
To supply & install WC, WB, tap, 2way tap, bidet and instant heater with rainshower column set for 2 toilets
To cut tiles at 45 Degree for all corners (not using PVC tiles trim)
To paint 2 toilets ceiling & PVC pipes to white only
To provide chemical wash for 2 toilets after masonry works
To provide paper & plastic covering while doing work
To provide daily housekeeping of work areas

Payment Terms:
10% of total contract amount upon confirmation of works.
40% of total contract amount 2 days before commencement of works.
30% of total contract amount upon completion of masonry works.
15% of total contract amount upon final measurement of carpentry works.
5% of total contract amount upon completion of all works.

1. Cheques should be made payable to only: Renovation Contractor Singapore
Transfer can be made to Account No : 525896973001 – OCBC

2. Deposit paid are not refundable.

3. Professional Engineer’s Fee are not included

4. Submission costs to relevant authorities are not included

5. All other works not specified above are not included

6. Validity of quotation is 30 days only