What can i do before putting my HDB house on sale?

What can i do before putting my HDB house on sale?

When your house is not in a place where the demand is high, you need to spend some money before selling it.

You can start off by giving it a fresh coat of paint. Choosing to paint the whole place white will save you some money for the painting works. And this will also give the place a brighter look.

When the new owners buy, they only need to paint the colours that they like. This will also give them more value as you had prepped the space for their upcoming painting.

Be sure to find painters that also do some minor patches at no extra costs, while they do the painting.

Getting rid of unwanted furnitures can also help to declutter the unit which can make also give a better impresssion with the prospects.

It’s not about repairing what is broken but more of making the place look more fresher and more inviting to the propects.

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